Dream Machine?

I want this… Fender created this amplifier to be able to replicate the tones of different vintage and new Fender amplifier models. Now dream with me…

I want the espresso machine version… I’ve been lucky enough to have been playing with the Strada EP for a few months now. It’s pretty epic. A serious game changer. I’m not even going to hint that I might know a thing about profiling pressure yet. I know Hoffmann, Wendelboe, and a small crew have been making the real head-way in that department.

What I’m saying would be rad… and by rad, I mean RAD! Is a machine that could be profiled and programmed to replicate the temperature and pressure of a range of older machines. Imagine you want to taste a coffee on something that replicated the effects of a Faema E61, a La Pavoni Lever, or a GS2.

I’m dreaming of a machine that surfs temperature… and replicated the instability of an older machine. Something that changes pressure as well… “Auto lever” if you will. In some ways, I guess I’m trying to bridge the gap between ‘going where we’ve never gone before’ and ‘recreating the past.’


Mazzer Grinders and Burrs…

There’s been a surge of technological development that has given us new tools and devices to research our coffee. We’re learning at a much fast rate than we were a few years back.

That said, I’ve been wondering… What is more important? The relationship between a barista and their grinder or the relationship between the barista and the burr set? James Hoffmann has been trying get some momentum built on this topic here.

I had a brief conversation with Mike Phillips about his experience in London. Asking how he managed to get all his gear over seas… and how did he pull off two Robur-E’s. He said he borrowed two roburs and brought with him the two sets of burrs he had been working with.

To me, this was genius. It’s also a lesson in priorities. In the past few months, I’ve ran coffee through and broken in a dozen new e-grinders or so… all of them settling out differently. Different grind times for certain dosers. Variations of speed. I’m wondering, what is different between them all? Is it the grinder or the burr set?

I feel like I could get better at or find a more consistent way to break in new grinders. Could I have one Robur-E that is constantly set up to throw new burr sets into, then run a set amount of coffee through them, so they all break in the same? Would they break in the same? Is there anyway to get a consistent result? Or does it vary from burr set to burr set… From date of manufacturing?

I’ve never had a problem voicing how much I like the Robur-E. I really do. I just want to know how much of what I love is a specific burr set or the grinder itself? Which has the greater impact?