Dream Machine?

I want this… Fender created this amplifier to be able to replicate the tones of different vintage and new Fender amplifier models. Now dream with me…

I want the espresso machine version… I’ve been lucky enough to have been playing with the Strada EP for a few months now. It’s pretty epic. A serious game changer. I’m not even going to hint that I might know a thing about profiling pressure yet. I know Hoffmann, Wendelboe, and a small crew have been making the real head-way in that department.

What I’m saying would be rad… and by rad, I mean RAD! Is a machine that could be profiled and programmed to replicate the temperature and pressure of a range of older machines. Imagine you want to taste a coffee on something that replicated the effects of a Faema E61, a La Pavoni Lever, or a GS2.

I’m dreaming of a machine that surfs temperature… and replicated the instability of an older machine. Something that changes pressure as well… “Auto lever” if you will. In some ways, I guess I’m trying to bridge the gap between ‘going where we’ve never gone before’ and ‘recreating the past.’


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