It Feels Good To Be Young…

I’ve only been in the coffee industry for 6 years. My time here pales in comparison to some of the greats that have pioneered us to where we’ve been. That said, it is also my youth that keeps me ambitious, and believing in a progressive future.

See, I went to school to be a musician. I used to write a ton of music. As I got older, I got more self-conscious. Where when I was younger, I would write and say anything- putting thought, feeling, and emotion into whatever I wanted to. Every now and again, I still try to write, but I’ve lost a naive sense to just write what I felt. This blog has become the same sort of thing. I no longer just post. I ended up thinking twice about everything I write.

I’m trying to say that I still feel the same sort of naive nature in this industry. Like, anything is possible… and we NEED to change so much of what we do to actually be regarded, world-wide, as a specialty product. I’m hoping to take advantage of my youthful, over-ambitious opinions while I’m still young enough not to become jaded and think things are impossible.

This has been floating around the web. It really bums me out. I’m not addressing the places he visited or the quality of the beverages he had… Although, if you want to talk about pretentious, how about complaining publicly about the price of a cup of coffee that was purchased for you?

Or this-

“Earlier in the day I visited a busy Peet’s in Santa Monica. The only caffeinated choice in the urn was Italian Roast, which I of course scolded them for even brewing (“the only thing worse would be French Roast”). “

My real issue with Kevin’s thoughts is that if you want this industry to progress, then do not complain about high prices. Those prices are what allow retail businesses to actually thrive not just survive.

High prices in retail also allow companies like Intelligentsia to actually take care of their employees. I’m not talking about health insurance and a free ticket to see Slayer… I’m talking about 401k taken-care-of. They may be charging some of the highest prices, but they’re sure paying better wages that most of the Third-Wave establishments out there.

Finally, I do not like batch brewing for the same reason I do not like the Clover. I hate the illusion that you need some expensive piece of equipment to brew great coffee. Whether it’s a single-cup machine or a Fetco, I’d rather showcase beautiful coffees on the same methods customers can purchase and use at home.

Fuck. Teach people to make excellent coffee at home and then their palates judge what is quality and what is not.


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